Rule #1 Make the Most of Your Day


If you have never seen the movie Zombieland stop what you are doing and go see it right now.  It is the best zombie comedy movie ever made.  After you have seen it come back to this post.

For those of you who have seen it then you might get the reference going forward.  In the movie our hero Columbus has a list of rules that he lives by during the zombie apocalypse.  I decided to make my own list of rules for dealing with cancer.  There is only one rule so far so consider it a work in progress.

Rule#1 Make the Most of Your Day

You will have good days and you will have bad days.  When you have a good day appreciate it fully.  Don’t take a good day for granted.

When I say “make the most of your day” I don’t have the expectation that I am going to build a rocket ship, broker peace in the Middle East or even cure cancer.  But I am going to do something constructive with my day, whether it is going to be work or personal.  Even with the personal I am going to find something fulfilling or, at the very least, entertaining.  It doesn’t have the be monumental but set a goal, even a small one, and work to accomplish.

This is going to be more important to do on the bad days.  You will have complications from chemotherapy or the cancer that will feel like a set back.  Still try to accomplish something.  You need to keep yourself grounded with a purpose that keeps you moving forward.