Author’s note:  This is a recollection of my events from a year ago.  There is no need to panic.

The endoscopy is scheduled early in the morning.  I am wheeled down to the procedure room.  The doctor is there as well as people to assists.  I am also put under with anesthesia.  That sense of lost time is disorienting again.  I am awake… then awake.  Apparently I had a ten minute conversation with the doctor that I have no recollection of.

I won’t know the results of endoscopy until the next day.  In the meanwhile I am still on the liquid diets of soups, puddings and ice creams.  I receive visitors and answer text messages.  In the early evening when the flow of visitors stop I pull out the laptop to get some work done.  I don’t want to fall behind on work so I proceed to spend the next four hours answering e-mails.

Sleep is challenging for me.  My only experience with hospital beds is at this hospital.  The thin mattresses are not comfortable.  The lack of sleep is contributing to my anxiety and irritability but I remarkably stay patient and cordial with everyone.

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