7/23/16 & 7/24/16

Author’s note:  This is a recollection of my events from a year ago.  There is no need to panic.

I am like a little old man.  We are in the middle of a typical Texas summer and I am freezing to death.  I grow increasingly tired and just sit in a daze most of the time.

It’s Saturday morning and I want to get breakfast.  The new Star Trek movie is out and my plan is to catch the morning matinee.  I head to IHOP and order the quick two egg breakfast.  I am the only person in the restaurant who is wearing a black windbreaker.  I don’t even take it off to eat.  When it comes to paying my tab I remember nearly collapsing at the cash register.  Still, I make it back to the Jeep and head to the theater.  The best thing about the movie is that once I make it to my seat I can sit the whole time.

I tell Kelly what is going on.  She says I should go to the emergency room.  Remembering my last experience I tell her I will put it off until Monday.  If I go to the hospital now they won’t do anything until Monday anyway.

Sunday is even worse for me.  I can’t walk from room to room without becoming exhausted.  I make it from the bedroom to the living room only to collapse in a heap and rest for several minutes.  I forgo a shower on this day because I don’t think I can stand long enough.

The one notable thing I remember about Sunday is going through the post paycheck ritual of paying my bills and going through my mail.  Normally this takes me about an hour but for this day it takes me a full six hours to get the task done.  I am so tired.

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