The State of Karnes Address 2017


It is totally like me to start a blog and then abandon it for a couple of months.  But I have a good excuse, I swear.  I was busy.  Like, really busy.  My grown up job is a licensing solution professional for a global software reseller.  That’s quite a mouthful.  To put it in layman’s terms I manage publisher relationships for my company.  I do quite a bit of management so it keeps me busy.  An apt analogy would be the dude at the carnival who is spinning plates to entertain you.


I spent the last two months completing certifications for one of my publisher lines and trying to close as much business for the year.  My sales year was iffy but those certifications are done.

I continue my treatment for cancer.  My eighth round of chemo was completed last week and I have a ninth round scheduled the first week of February.  Additionally, I had another CT scan.  It looks like chemotherapy is going to be an integral part of my life during 2017.  That’s okay because I am not quitting.

Back when I was in my twenties I used to buy the whole “new year, new you” thing.  It is easy to fall into that trap.  You have a bad year, blame it on fate, the stars, global warming or Hare Krishnas then declare that the next year was going to be TOTALLY different.  But I am older and wiser now.  There is no such thing as a “new year, new you.”  You are still the same you.  You are the sum total of every experience you have ever had.  You can make the choice to learn and grow from those experiences or you can stew in self-doubt and complain that the world is against you.

I don’t have have the perfect life by any means but I have more things going right than wrong.  Well, I have cancer so that is a big negative, but I don’t let it define everything about me as a person.  I still feel like I have a good life and take advantage of it at every opportunity.  Even with every bad thing that is going on personally and in the world I find a reason to laugh everyday.

Still, there is nothing wrong with having goals for the new year and I have them.  My writing has fallen by the wayside for the last couple of months (busy, remember?).  I am writing the sequel to One Nation and hope to have the rough draft completed by the end of spring.  Also, I need to open more distribution channels for One Nation (like iTunes, Google and Goodreads).  And, for the life of me, I need to figure out how to market myself better.

So what are your plans for the year?


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