The First Post

This is the post excerpt.

Consider this a work in progress.  Not that I am unfamiliar with blogs.  I have written them before although it has admittedly been awhile.  I have had blogs off and on since 2003 but they were hidden from most prying eyes and posted quite anonymously.  Can I tell a good story?  Only you, the reader, can judge.  Regardless, I do have stories to tell.

What prompted me to write another blog (is this the fourth or fifth now?  I have lost count) is that I self published a book earlier this year.  My book “One Nation” is available on Amazon and I encourage everyone to buy a copy.  I also need to learn more about marketing strategies.  I thought I was well armed with marketing knowledge based on my few experiences in the corporate world but that turned out not to be the case.

So here I sit at my local bar in Plano, Texas writing my first blog post on a WordPress account I created just a few minutes ago.  This bar has been crazy all day about the Texas-OU game (spoiler alert – Texas lost).  While everyone is engaged in the game I have spent the day here writing, researching and now blogging.  Believe it or not I can concentrate easier in this surrounding chaos than I can at home.

What about me?  I have spent the last sixteen years in the corporate reseller industry (the first two in computer hardware and the lastfourteen in software).  In 2013 I was dissatisfied with work and where it was going and decided to make a change.  I have been writing on and off since I was a kid.  I enjoy telling stories and decided that I could write and self-publish my own book.  That was how “One Nation” was born.

I was watching the news three years ago when someone opined that the the next president who would be elected would be the most hated president in history.  I thought long and hard about that.  We have never been so divided than we are right now.  I imagined an America where we want to give up so many of our freedoms and seek to be taken care of by our political masters.  I conceived of a tumultuous 2016 election that leads to a Second American Revolution and the rise of the fascist Freedom Party.  The Trump and Clinton candidacies only help reinforce my predictions.

My book was released in May and I have been struggling with marketing since then.  I have gotten good feedback from my readers who have been surprised that I can actually write and tell a story.

I have also had other struggles this year as well.  My “day job” keeps me busy.  I am working a lot having to manage several security product lines.  I had a breakup with a girlfriend earlier this year who I am still very fond of.  We are still friendly to one another and she has been somewhat supportive from afar.  The biggest struggle has been since mid-summer.  In July I was admitted to the hospital for persistent nausea and lack of appetite.  I had lost ten pounds in the space of a week.  It turned out that the CT scan revealed tumors in my pancreas and liver.  I was diagnosed with stage two endocrine pancreatic cancer.  I started chemotherapy almost immediately and will continue through the end of the year.  This, along with diabetes, severely complicates my health.  I am very well aware that I have a foreseeable expiration date.  Rather than letting it get me down it motivates me instead.  I feel like I need to get everything done.

Despite everything that has occurred this year I still feel good about things.  When people ask how I deal with cancer I tell them with action plans.  I know I have cancer, I need a plan to combat it, I will follow the plan and if something changes I will revise the plan.  In the meantime I am going to keep doing everything I need to do to with that ever present expiration date well in mind.

This post was meant to be quick and dirty.  I wanted to get something up quickly.  Please forgive me if you see any typos or misspellings.  And remember, this is a learning process for me.  I have to get used to Word Press. 🙂

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